QS Fundamentals (Sept 2019)

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Develop a core knowledge and understanding of quantity surveying techniques and issues relating to best practice, including procurement and tendering, project cost, contract management and control. See below for further details on the course structure.

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Course details


The overall aim of the Quantity Surveying Fundamentals course is to provide participating delegates with the core knowledge and understanding of Quantity Surveying techniques and issues relating to best practice including cost and contract management.

Who should study this course?

Quantity Surveying Fundamentals is most suitable for those employed in the construction industry with little experience of quantity surveying, who wish to learn about quantity surveying principles.

It is also relevant to other professionals who are interested in moving in to the quantity surveying field.

Relevant for both UK and internationally based students.

Time commitment

Next course start: 23 September 2019

Approx. 6 hours per week study time over six months

This estimate includes time for you to read or view a resource more than once, as well as time for you to take notes and undertake the assessment.

Course objectives

This quantity surveying course includes an introduction to the principles, tools and techniques used in the commercial management of construction projects. It will enable a candidate to appreciate the breadth of skills required by a quantity surveyor.

At the end of this course you should:

  • understand the alternative construction details available in relation to functional elements of the design,
  • understand the way a project is structured and delivered in terms of contractual relationships and their associated risk allocation,
  • appreciate the factors that affect the cost of a project and individual elements,
  • be able to produce an order of cost estimate and understand the cost planning process,
  • know how projects are tendered and contractors selected,
  • be familiar with the traditional measurement approach and appreciate how computer measurement software operates,
  • have the ability to measure in accordance with a standard method of measurement, or set of rules, in order to produce a bill of quantities,
  • be able to build up a unit rate for an item in a bill of quantities and understand how a tender is priced,
  • understand the components of a construction contract and the provisions for managing time, payment, change and disputes,
  • understand control of costs during the construction phase including cash flow forecasting and cost reporting.

Course structure

A twenty-four week course delivered online with tutor support and online forums.

The online delivery method will allow you to study wherever you may be. Working at a time and place that suits your needs.

This interactive, online course with tutor support has been developed to introduce you to the subject of Quantity Surveying. Carefully designed to take a complex subject and present this in an easy-to-understand format; this course uses a combination of audio and visual learning methods.

There are six technical units plus one additional assessment unit at the end of the course programme which are broken down as follows:

  • Construction technology and environmental services
  • Procurement and tendering
  • Cost prediction and analysis
  • Quantification and costing
  • Contract practice
  • Project financial control
  • End assessment

The study support guide will assist you in structuring the time required to spend on each technical unit which will enable you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the content. As this is an online course you can of course move through the units at your own pace should you so wish to do so to suit your work commitments.

In addition to the online course material you will have access to a tutor and discussion forums which enable you to discuss issues with fellow delegates as well.

You will be able to check your progress through the course with self-assessment questions, case studies and tutor-led discussions. Your final assessment is in the form of an online examination with multiple choice questions.  You will need to acquire the requisite minimum score to successfully complete the course. The online examination is available during a 4 week window and the dates for this will be notified within the first two months of the course.

Candidates who fail to meet the minimum score on their first attempt will have the opportunity to re-sit the online examination.

Further details on the course structure are available here.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for the Quantity Surveying Fundamentals course.


You will be assessed through an online assessment hosted on the Online Academy. The online test will take place at the end of the six-month study period.

On successful completion of the course you will receive a UCEM certificate of completion of “Quantity Surveying Fundamentals”.


Enrolment details

Fee: £545+VAT

Individual or corporate bookings welcome.

For alternative payment options such as by company invoice, or for multiple bookings, please contact:

CPD Enquiries
Email: academy@ucem.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0)118 921 4601
Monday-Friday (08:30-04:30)

After enrolment you will be contacted by the Academy Team with further details regarding your course and how to access the training material.

Please note the exact course start date may vary dependent on number of delegates enrolled. You will be notified of any date changes by UCEM

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